Take Care of Yourself, Mama

Take Care of Yourself, Mama

We all do it, we put our husbands first, our kids first, our pets first, even our house gets more love than we often give ourselves.  Choosing yourself is not selfish and it doesn’t have to be a weekend away or even an hour long massage, although if you are able to…do it!

Sometimes it’s the quick reset buttons that can make the biggest change.  We rounded up some quick fix ideas to self mama care.  Choose one today, choose one tomorrow, just make sure you are doing something each day for yourself.

1 – Meditate –  Whatever that may mean for you, this could be sitting in silence in the bathtub, staring at the ceiling with your feet up for 10 minutes or doing a bit of yoga.  Learn what works for you and take some meditation time!  Some awesome quick meditation suggestions here: YogaJournal

2 – Stretch – You have no idea how this can be a total game changer.  Literally, just doing a few sun salutations, or just laying on the ground, twisting and touching your toes.  It opens up your muscles and joints, lets the endorphins flow and improves your oxygen intake.

3 – Let Music Be Thy Medicine –  Throw your headphones on while you are cleaning, walking or just throw on your favorite musician while you are driving.  Zone in, let it get your blood flowing.  Music can heal, it can bring you to a happy place or it can give you a safe space to cry when you need a cry!

4 – Coffee and Tea? – It’s all about the process.  Taking a minute to boil water, make a cup of coffee or tea, the smells, the sounds, and then a minute of silence while you enjoy it can be so powerful.  Even if you are only given a minute, sit down, be at piece with the chaos around you and sip.

5 – Call a Friend – So simple, and yet as parents we forget…we forget there is a whole world out there happening and we forget that sometimes it can just mean a few minutes of laughter with an old friend that can throw us right back on track.

6 – Make out Time – Want a quick fix?  A quick butt grab and a make-out session can turn around any day.  Grab him and go for it.  You will get some serious endorphins pumping (for you both) and you keep that connection flowing with your partner.

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