I Am Totally Not Pulling This Off Right Now….

I Am Totally Not Pulling This Off Right Now….

I’ve been to the grocery store 4 times this week.  What. The. Actual….F***.  I have been completely MIA from you Om Mamas so I am here today to tell you why…grocery stores, and swim lessons, and 3 toddlers, and doula life and event planning life…and life, just freaking life in general.  How on earth did it get away from me?  I’m so sorry I have neglected you and I wanted to stop in and say Hi, Hello, How have you all been?!  Korrin has been taking the reigns these last few months thank goodness, but I have some things to say today.

I want to start with, I LOVE owning my own business…or three.  That’s what I’m in it for, variety, the love of the game and never knowing how my days will go before they begin.  I’ve learned to be a web designer, sales woman, marketing expert, graphic designer, writer and accountant all on my own. However, since I have had kids I’m realizing there is so much less space available in my brain.  I have to prioritize work and family and I’m struggling with making room for anything else.  It’s hard not to long for the days of living in huts with your great aunts and ancestors and knowing if you collapse of exhaustion some days your children won’t starve or in my case, jump off a roof.

How in the world are we supposed to do it all?  I am all about women’s rights, I think we are capable of ruling the world.  We cook, clean, drive all over town, plan and schedule, work in meetings, own companies, build companies, make time to coach others to build their companies, support our other family members through their current life situations and end the day just praying we have time for a cup of tea and a piece of chocolate (every damn night my friends).  HOWEVER, some days I can’t help but wonder, what happens to our infrastructure if we as mom’s are doing it all?  Do we bring this upon ourselves?  Do we not ask for help enough? Do we get ourselves involved in too much due to our need to be busy? I know there are so many brilliant theories out there on this, but I can’t help but wonder…what the heck are we doing to ourselves?

I refuse to use the word “luck”, because I chose my husband and fought like hell to find a good one, but I am one of the small percentage out there that shares many of my responsibilities with my partner, we both work from home and we both take on many of the jobs and parenting roles with our children.  That’s actually why I bring this topic up because if I’m getting a ton of support and I’m feeling like I’m drowning some days, how on earth are you moms doing it that don’t have a support system?!?

I guess that is where I am heading with this post, I believe as women we have a nurturing and magical ability to not only keep our own children alive and healthy, but we also are reaching out around us to offer support to those we love and meet along the way.  I was finding that when I was home most days with my kids, then going to my office downstairs for a few hours and then back up to my kids again or even out quick for yoga or a run, I was missing out on a gigantic part of life that made me happy. Collaborating with other women.  It seems so simple, call a friend, meet for coffee, reach out.  However, when you are in the thick of the parenting world you prioritize the needs before the wants.  This month I decided to change my definition of “needs” and I started reaching out.  Meeting for coffee, brainstorming exciting new ideas, stepping out of my comfort zone and spreading my love out to a wider net.  I landed on an exciting new business venture, wonderful new friends for myself and my children and a lot of laughter and happy venting about this crazy ride we call motherhood.

So, yes…I’ve neglected you Om Mamas.  I’m so sorry, however it was for a good reason.  I redid my Om Mamas Doulas website updated my other business website: Sun Dreams Productions  and began work on a new venture coming soon!  I have gained new perspective from the eyes of so many amazing mamas and friends and taken on the support of so many beautiful women in my world.  Anyway, I am back and feeling clear headed and ready to support you all again.  So much love – Chels

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