Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

Halloween is almost here and thankfully the  Sugar Sprite Fariy will not be far behind. Never heard of her? She is the sweet little fairy that will save your sanity by taking away all the candy nice neighbors will handing out to your little children. She uses the sugar to stay warm…don’t worry the story is just below. This story is very popular in the Waldorf community. It is a clever way to save yourself from the highs and lows of sugar, not to mention, the lowering of  your children’s immune system. I swear cold season is just Halloween hangover season. Now, I’m not a total mean mommy, I do buy some organic lollipops and some dark chocolate to give the children. I make them little baggies for when we go out trick or treating so they aren’t feeling bad about all the candy they will not be able to have. So far this has really worked for us and everyone has a Happy Haloween. Enjoy the story!



As the weather becomes colder, and Halloween draws near, the Sugar Sprite Fairy requires more sugar to keep warm than she needs in the summer months. She knows that on Halloween, thousands of children will participate in an old custom we know as trick-or-treating, going door to door to collect sugary sweets. Because of this special ritual, there will be mountains of sweet and sugary candy in abundance. This is great news for the Sugar Sprite, and exactly what she needs to feed herself and her sweet family.

On Halloween, the children are so excited that often they get careless – as they run door to door, they drop many pieces of candy – and The Sugar Sprite and all of her helpers are there to collect there. Some lucky children, those who know of The Sugar Sprite’s existence, they place their candy at the foot of their beds (or outside the front door, etc.) before going to sleep.

During the night, the friendly Sugar Sprite comes and takes the candy – and more often than not, she leaves a wonderful gift of thanks. This is almost always a wonderful new toy.

img_6077Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
Scoop your pumpkin seeds out
maple syrup

The amounts will vary depending on how many pumpkin seeds you have. Cover a baking sheet with coconut oil so the seeds don’t stick. Sprinkle them with salt and cinnamon and little maple and roast at 350 till crispy.

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