Get rhythm when you feel the blues…

Get rhythm when you feel the blues…

It’s funny every time my day gets chaotic or I feel off, I hear Johnny Cash in my head singing “Get Rhythm” Johnny is talking about letting the music make you feel good when you’re down and that works for me too but the rhythm I’m talking about is the rhythm of the day. Having a happy rhythm to the day is kinda like when you feel you’re in the flow. When things are not in “the flow” you start to hold your breath, tighten up, lose your cool and get tripped up by the little things.
These are the clues that our daily rhythm is out of sorts. So, what I do is go back to the bones of the day, the things that have to happen to keep happy humans in our home.





Eating: seems so obvious but when we are struggling to have healthy food on the table or have snacks around for the 3-foot people who seem to want to eat all day. The task easily becomes something to dread and leads to many a meltdown for big people and small people alike.FullSizeRender-13

Sleeping: anyone who has been sleep deprived (aka, parents) knows how hard it is to function during the day. To not only function but to stay awake, connect with others and complete the tasks we have to do. Children need lots of sleep and when they don’t get enough well you know what happens.

Playing: It has been said before, the work of the child is play. Their need for deep imaginative play is so important for them. I believe it is important for Moms and Dads too, it is easy to lose yourself and the things you love to do as a parent. I do suggest finding it again and remembering the joy you felt, not being able to play or create makes everyone a little grumpy.

Loving: Love is all you need, right? Well, yes and the above mentioned 🙂 Going through the day not feeling connected, seen and heard by the people in our lives leaves the day feeling kind of empty. The point is not to move from task to task without infusing the moment with love or looking our loved ones in the eyes. We are all here to connect with each other. Our children and our partners need to feel that connection throughout the day, it is what brings beauty to living.

Ok, so now what? If you have been living without rhythm and chaos has become the new norm there is no need to fear.  Soon you will be saying goodbye to those huffy puffy moments and start breathing again. Each week we will dive into all of them Eat, Sleep, Play and Love.

First, what does rhythm look like to you? Imagine your dream rhythm at home, what does it look like?





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