Ella’s Kitchen – Product Review

Ella’s Kitchen – Product Review

Those who know my kids, know we are a family that LOVES vegetable and fruit packets.   I know, I know, it goes against all principles of being the perfect mom, in my kitchen, cooking and boiling veggies all day long.  I do that too…sometimes, and I do believe its important.  BUT, lets get real…I’m in my car, on the road, at the beach, in the mountains, swimming, hiking, climbing, exploring and basically just keeping these kids entertained MOST of the time. The convenience of throwing cooked or raw foods is just not as realistic for young babies and children as grabbing wholesome food packets.

So, the question comes here…so many of the packets are similar pricing, similar size and similar ingredients.  What makes one better than another?

2016-07-15 12.36.33Lets start with taste. 

I truly do NOT know what it is, but my daughter will not consume other packets.  My boys…they could do whatever, they are pretty happy as long as something fruity is in there.  Summer just LOVES Ella’s Kitchen.  My husband used to always joke that we would find out they were adding crack in there one day because all day all we hear is, “Packet?” “Packet?”  She LOVES them.

How about price?

While, I do notice Ella’s Kitchen can be a little pricier  in some places (by maybe 10-20 cents) they also always have the best sales.  When I get my Target Cartwheel alert that Ella’s is on sale we raid the store.  This sale usually pops up once a month or so and brings the cost of these $1.52 packets down even lower.  If you see them priced higher than $2.17 chances are you can find them cheaper elsewhere. (Walmart, Target, Shop Rite) Seem to always be our best options.  Whole Foods and Amazon are traditionally much pricier.

Our Favorites?

Ella's Kitchen Baby FoodWe are vegan, so of course we stick with the veggies and fruit combos and no dairy.   While that eliminates a few choices, that still leaves us with amazing options:

Broccoli Pears and Peas is the #1 choice in our house.  It makes mom happy with veggies and what kid doesn’t like Pears?

Peaches and Pears and Apples, Sweet Potatoes, Pumpkins and Blueberry and Apples and Strawberries are our sweet treats on the road and packed with fruit and veggies.

Marketing and Passion

This is where my husband always says I’m such a consumer, because the truth is I LOVE marketing, I love a good brand with beautiful design and amazing colors.  Maybe that is what draws me and my kids to Ella’s.  But, I also immediately went on their website and fell in love with their principles and their story.

“Here at Ella’s Kitchen®, we try really hard to be good in every sense – not just through the good food we make, but also by doing good stuff for ourenvironment and giving stuff back to our local communities. We’ve done research with parents, little ones, psychologists and supermarkets to understand the very important role that all 5 of the senses play in developing healthy eating habits that last a lifetime. Head to stuff for the senses to find out more.”


Read More about Ella’s Kitchen and their story HERE

Postpartum DOULA BAG

Ella’s Kitchen First Tastes made the cut!  We added first tastes to our postpartum sampler pack for all of Om Mamas Doulas new moms.  We love sharing our favorite products with our new moms and these absolutely are in our sampler packs.  We can’t wait to see how much our mama’s love them too!

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