The Easy Green Easter Basket

The Easy Green Easter Basket

I know you are all frantically trying to throw together some sort of Easter Basket right now.  There is absolutely no way you are all that on top of your shit that it’s all done and ready.

We are here to save the day on some last minute ideas that will prevent the hostile plastic take over in your home!

Snag a few of our easy Green ideas and let your kids enjoy Easter without having to find plastic grass stuck in every crevice of your life for the next month or stepping on half cracked plastic eggs (which is way worse than Legos I might add).

Step OneBasket – I LOVE the  $3.00 felt baskets they now have at Target or Michaels.  they are light, adorable and most of all they can be packed away and stored quickly and easily!  If you don’t already have your baskets ready to go grab one of these!  Easter Baskets

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 1.24.22 PM
Photo by – Sarahs Silks

Step twoGrass – This can be an easy DIY project if you have old magazines and newspaper and a shredder!  Just shred away and then recycle it on Monday (or Sunday night).  You can also purchase eco grass on Amazon.   One of our favorite ideas of course is to use Silks or Fabrics instead.  This can second as a toy and is always washable and reusable.  Such a great alternative!



Step three – Eggs – We have two favoritesfelteggs2

Felt Eggs – Hand Made (Happy to share this DIY, because this is so easy!)  Add a slit in the back and you can fill them with anything you want!  This one is the great alternative to filling plastic eggs.

 – The perfect vegan option!  A great alternative to actual falling out of a chicken type eggs.  You still get the fun of dying them without having to break the vegan rules and use real eggs

TIP: Regular Egg Dye will make them pretty light and pastel colored, they do provide a great recipe on their website for darker dyes.


Step Four – Candy, Toys and Tiny Eastery crap –  This is such a hard one because it’s a constant balance between what will make them squeal with glee (for at least 15 seconds) and what they can really play with and enjoy.  I love Crafty Stuff, Organic candy and Vegan Dark Chocolate.  A few of our faves:

  • Beeswax Crayons
  • Sculpting Clay
  • Any of the “Yummy Earth” brand candies
  • Rose City Chocolatier – All Vegan  (Seriously amazing..if you are ordering bunnies for your kids, throw in some chocolate covered pretzels for yourself)
  • Temporary Tattoos (Perfect for keeping toddlers busy)

Happy Easter Mamas!

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